- Chat Features and Possibilities

In the Internet age, where everything is happening on the web, a free video chat room live helps you make great friends. This is a platform where you can meet people from around the world and learn more about them. You can see, hear, talk to friends around the world from your web browser. No need for any download. You can access the live chat. The user can transmit audio chat and video.
What are the other features?

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- Flash Chat for Business

We continue our essay contest, concerning the perspectives of flash chat implementation in everyday business. It is easy to deal with this tool to communicate online with your colleagues. More benefits?

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- PHP Flash Gallery

PHP Flash Gallery is a free image gallery script, that can build best slideshows of your pictures online. PHP photo gallery is easy to install and customize.

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- Photo Gallery Script

We have asked 500 of our customers to find out why they like so much our flash photo gallery script. The main reasons to embed a web album script read below!

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- Amazon Kindle Fire leads modern sub-£200 tablets

On 28 September Amazon presented its new Kindle Fire tablet with 7” touch IPS display covered with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and Dual-core processor priced at 200$. The sales swill start on 15 November and the company expects the device to bring more profits granting access to Amazon related services such as Bookstore, Mp3 store and so on.

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