04 Oct 2011 Amazon Kindle Fire leads modern sub-£200 tablets

Amazon Kindle Dire

Amazon revealed the full specification of its flagship tablet Amazon Kindle Fire on 28 September thus setting new standards for such devices priced below \$200. It means that competition on this segment reinforces as it would be hardly possible for other market participant to meet such conditions because the device will be sold almost at loss. The company decided to introduce new revolutionary approach to rising revenues, getting profits from other Amazon-branded services rather than from selling the device itself.

Amazon follows the same promotional strategy that has already proved its efficiency with Kindle ereader. The gadget raised profits in a more tacit way through users’ access to Kindle bookstore, Amazon MP3 or other related services that provide rich content for the device. In this way Kindle Fire is no longer just a tablet it’s a service provider that opens great entertaining world to its owner.

Kindle Fire covers excellently performing hardware under its body. The tablet is based on Android so it supports multitasking and running background applications. Large bright contrast 7” 1024x600 pixel IPS display that used in 2 version of iPad protected with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass grants impressive picture and high level damage protection. Dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP processor solves any task quickly and efficiently and all this stuffed into rather slim body that weights only 410g that is almost 200g lighter then famous iPad 2. The producers promise that battery life will be about 8 hours that’s a great indicator for such power demanding device. The navigation is performed with touchscreen. The only feature the users may miss is web camera that lacks in this everything in one powerful device. Kindle Fire starts sale on 15 November priced about 200\\$.

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